Protestant recruitment to HMRC drops

THE DUP's East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has spoken out in the wake of a Parliamentary Answer he obtained regarding the breakdown of recruits to HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs) in Northern Ireland over the past two years.

Mr. Campbell said: "This answer confirms the trend which I and others have been highlighting for a number of years. Once again the proportion of new employees in the public sector from the Protestant community does not reflect the religious makeup of the working age population in Northern Ireland.

"In 2007 there were 26 Protestant, 33 Roman Catholic and 4 Non-Determined recruits and last year the numbers were 16 Protestant, 26 Roman Catholic and 7 Non-Determined recruits.

"This means in percentage terms between the two main sections of the community that in 2007 only 41 per cent of those starting work in HMRC were Protestant and last year that figure dropped to 38 per cent. The figure ought to be around 52 per cent Protestant so an under-representation of the Protestant community in 2007 has worsened in 2008.

"I have now tabled a further question, having established that there is an under representation from a section of the community, what plans the Government have to put in place affirmative action plans to ensure that a more equitable distribution of employment takes place in future years."