Protestant Council worker angered by McCann comments

A Protestant Council worker from the Waterside has expressed disgust after Eamonn McCann compared trade union membership against Loyal Order membership at a strike rally in Guildhall Square on Thursday (July 10).

The Council worker, who provided his details to the Sentinel but asked not to be named, said parading had nothing to do with the industrial dispute and shouldn’t have been mentioned.

Striking public sector works march across Craigavon Bridge. DER2814-127KM

Striking public sector works march across Craigavon Bridge. DER2814-127KM

Mr McCann, from the Londonderry Trades Council, addressing the rally, stated: “There are more people out protesting across Northern Ireland today (Thursday, July 10) than will be marching or trying to march on the Crumlin Road on Saturday (July 12)

“That in itself is a reflection of the fact that the trade union movement is by far the biggest civil society organisation in this country.

“On the last count, 2012, the last official figures, there are 241,000 trade unionists in Northern Ireland. That’s more than all the Loyal Orders combined.

“It’s more than all the Orders of all sorts, it’s more than all the political parties combined. Potentially, we have massive strength.”

The Council worker, himself a member of the Unite union, contacted the paper in the wake of the rally “to register his disgust.”

He said: “There was no call for it. What has that got to do with the industrial dispute we were out for?

“By the time he said that I just left. The city’s come a long way and there was no need to be harking back like that.”

Listen to the full speech here.