Election candidate vows to tackle under-funding and under-achievement

DUP election candidate David Ramsay, who is facing the electorate for the first time tomorrow, Thursday, says if he is elected he will fight alongside his fellow DUP members to banish under-funding and educational under-achievement.

“The first thing I want to tackle is funding for local communities, but I am no different in this than my other DUP Party members. We believe the support of community development is vital for capacity and confidence-building in the community, striving to get funds for the West and particularly the north west and Londonderry is our aim. Such funding is vital if we are to maintain and improve community facilities.

“As a member of the Board of Governors of Lisneal College and as a member of the DUP Party I will also be working alongside my Party colleagues to seek to address educational underachievement in schools, and particularly to find a way to address under-achievement by young Protestant boys,” he said, adding: “Those who know me know my track record for promoting cultural identity and heritage, which I have been doing for a long number of years. If elected I will be re-doubling my efforts in this field in line with the DUP’s vision.”