Newbuildings Youth Centre provision ‘very good’ - ETI

Newbuildings village.
Newbuildings village.

The quality of youth provision for the one hundred young people enrolled at the Newbuildings Youth Centre has been deemed ‘very good,’ following a recent inspection.

The Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI) inspected the centre in March and recently published an inspection report detailing its findings.

Inspectors focused on the young people’s achievements and standards, the quality of provision and the quality of leadership and management at the centre.

The report points out that a full-time youth worker, Ryan Magee, was seconded from the Western Education and Library Board (WELB) to the Newbuildings Community and Environmental Association (NCEA) in September 2013.

It points out that the current membership is 100 young people, which is almost a 30 per cent increase since September 2013.

“In the areas inspected, the quality of the overall provision for the young people is very good,” the inspectors declared.

“Newbulidings youth centre is meeting very effectively the educational and pastoral needs of the learners; and has demonstrated its capacity for sustained self-improvement,” they added.

The inspectors also stated that the youth centre reports that the area faces many social and economic problems such as low educational attainment and anti-social behaviour.

The WELB youth centre provision is open on two afternoons and three evenings each week and provides activities and programmes for three specific age groups.

These range from juniors aged four to nine, intermediates aged 10 to 13, to seniors aged 14 plus.