New reimaging project planned at The Fountain

Jeanette Warke. INLS1214-112KM
Jeanette Warke. INLS1214-112KM

The Fountain is to benefit from a new re-imaging project.

Spearheaded by community worker Jeanette Warke, the DSD Minister, Nelson McCausland, has been invited to officially launch the project, which has been funded by his deapartment.

Describing the derelict houses at the top of The Fountain as “an absolute eyesore,” Jeanette Warke said, stressing that they were an uninviting sight for those coming into The Fountain from the top end of the Protestant enclave.

“We have now got funding from the Department of Social Development and the aim of the project will be to give the houses a new look, in fact we will be taking them back to the 1950s,” she said.

The young people of The Fountain are involved in designs for the re-imaging project and are currently busy researching designs based around what people’s front rooms would have looked like during the 1950s and 1960s.

“It will mean this part of The Fountain will be more inviting and more colourful than it is at present for those entering the area from to top end of Hawkin Street,” she said.