Watch: Superintendent says body worn police cameras won’t cost a fortune

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  • by Kevin Mullan

The PSNI says new body-worn cameras being rolled out in Londonderry this week are not as likely to be as expensive as older kit piloted in areas of Northern Ireland in the past.

Superintendent Garry Eaton - demonstrating the new equipment on Monday (June 16) - said: “I think this kind of technology is no longer...because of the market being what it is and the advances in technology, this is not as expensive as it might once have been.”

Back in 2010 the PSNI confirmed that it owned 98 body worn cameras and that the approximate cost - inclusive of operating equipment - was £88,827.04.

For example, police in Carrickfergus piloted body worn cameras between February and September in 2008 and continued using the equipment for years afterwards.

Superintendent Eaton told the Sentinel there will be a ‘significant cost,’ however.

The senior Londonderry officer said approximately 70 officers will be wearing the cameras across G District at any one time following completion of the roll out.

Consequent to a successful evaluation, they may be rolled out amongst officers generally.

“There is a significant cost, there will be significant cost to roll it out to the whole organisation, but, I think, hopefully at the end of this evaluation, we will demonstrate benefits to that investment,” he said.

More to follow via and in the print edition of Wednesday, June 18.


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