US president’s visit recalled

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President Bill Clinton’s last visit to Derry-Londonderry was recorded by Donegal TV and with their approval is now being shared with our readers throughout the world.

The former US leader preached forgiveness and inclusion to a crowd in Guildhall Square on Wednesday, March 5, at the same spot where he had addressed a massive audience in November 1995.

“We had 25,000 people here,” said Mr Clinton of his post-ceasefire, pre-agreement visit. “It’s very intimidating speaking in this spot, if you’ve never done it before, in part because you have to speak while the cannon are facing you and you have a feeling that if you say the wrong thing, which was quite easy to do back then...

“All you had to do was open your mouth. But no cannons went off so we had a good night,” he joked.

Mr Clinton was officially in town to launch ‘Peacemaking In The Twenty-First Century’, a new book celebrating a series of lectures at Magee.

He also hooked up with old friends Pat and John Hume, the latter of which edited ‘Peacemaking.’

Video published courtesy of Donegal TV.




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