New uniforms for Kildoag Pipe Band members

Rev Keith Hibbert dedicating the new uniforms for Kildoag Pipe Band.

Rev Keith Hibbert dedicating the new uniforms for Kildoag Pipe Band.

There were scenes of great happiness in Kildoag on Friday night, with the reformed members of the Kildoag Pipe Band and their guests celebrating with a dedication service for their new uniforms.

Kildoag Pipe Band gathered with family, friends and guests to have the smart new uniforms dedicated on Friday night last by Rev Keith Hibbert, the new Minister of Upper-Cumber and Cumber Presbyterian Churches.

In advance of the service of dedication, the Band paraded from Lackagh Road to the event, which was held in Bond’s Glen Cricket Club grounds, and the music was enhanced with accompaniment by Killaloo Accoridion, Burntollet Sons of Ulster Flute Band, Donemana Old Boys’ Flute Band and East Bank Protestant Boys Flute Band.

In dedicating the new uniforms, Rev Hibbert said that he had as a young man played in a pipe band and he was proud to see so many young people in the reformed band who had turned out.

The Hymns ‘Abide with Me’ and ‘Come to the Saviour’ were sung, accompanied by Killaloo Accordion Band and Bro John Wylie, Chaplain of Kildoag LOL No 1164 read a portion from the Bible.

A vote of thanks to all who had made the evening possible was made by Bro. Gareth McCombe, Deputy Master of Kildoag LOL No 1164, who specially mentioned the sterling work done by Bro David Campbell, who was the inspiration behind the reformation of a Pipe Band in Kildoag. He also thanked the PSNI for traffic control and the Bond’s Glen Cricket Club for the use of their premises.

The Worshipful District Master of Cumber-Claudy No 2 Orange District, Donald Eakin, also spoke and reminded the gathering that the District once had three pipe bands, two Highland pipes in Tullintrain and Kildoag and the Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band in Claudy. He said it was great to see a new Pipe Band in the district and said he was pleased to see the young age profile of the band and congratulated everyone involved in setting up the band in just over two years, particularly the parents.

The National Anthem was followed by a short parade before the band and guests gathered in Kildoag Orange Hall, where refreshments were served.




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