Lumiere a bright idea for UK2013

Waiting for Video...

Tens of thousands of tourists from the district and across the Province descended on Londonderry from Thursday until Sunday for the Lumiere festival of light.

Staged by event specialists Artichoke, there were a total of 17 installations across the city, from static lighting fixtures like illuminated neon dogs, to intricate sound and light shows like that which transformed Ebrington Square and Austins of The Diamond, casting a spell over all who stopped to admire them.

There were neon shirts suspended from the derelict window on the shirt Factory at Abercorn Road, to interactive marbles in The Fountain which responded to touch with sound and light fluctuations.

A neon orchard of oak materialised in The Craft village and there was high praise for the fire garden at St Columb’s Park in th Waterside, which was one of the highlights of the four-day festival.

For those who missed it, Londonderry Sentinel feature writer Olga Bradshaw captured a little flavour of what was on offer...




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