Lorry park not part of illegal waste site mentioned by Mills

Minister Danny Kennedy

Minister Danny Kennedy

  • by Kevin Mullan

Roads Minister Danny Kennedy says a retrospective planning application for the backfilling of a lorry park at the former City Waste site in Londonderry is not part of the illegal waste site referred to in the Mills report.

The lorry park in question lies directly in line with the proposed route for the new A6.

Earlier this year the Sentinel reported how the discovery of illegal landfilling at City Industrial Waste and Campsie Sand and Gravel wouldn’t prejudice the proposed new A6, which skirts the site’s eastern peripheries.
Now Mr Kennedy has confirmed that a retrospective application (A/2010/0569/F) to infill an area for the parking of lorries and empty skips at the site shows the infill was completed and the lorry park constructed before April 2009.

He stated: “The ground investigation for the new road, carried out in March 2010, did not reveal anything untoward in the vicinity of the lorry park.

“On this basis, I am content that the infill and lorry park is not part of the illegal waste site referred to in the Mills Report.”

Mr Kennedy confirmed that the lorry park remains in situ at the site and that is also directly in the line of the new road.

“I remain content that the discovery of illegal landfill at Mobuoy Road will not prejudice the construction of the A6 dual carriageway.

“At Mobuoy, the new road is aligned around the eastern periphery of the City Industrial Waste and Campsie Sand and Gravel sites, thus avoiding the illegal landfill,” he stated.

Earlier this year the Roads Minister said that if evidence of illegal landfill was still present when the road was being constructed he would be content for appropriately engineered measures to be put in place in order to contain the illegal waste.


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