Listen: Gregory Campbell calls on McGuinness to inform on ex-comrades after Warrington speech

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EAST Londonderry DUP MP Gregory Campbell has reacted to Martin McGuinness’ speech at a peace centre in Warrington by calling for him to inform on his former IRA colleagues.

Mr Campbell called on the Deputy First Minister to say the actions of the IRA were wrong. Speaking on local radio on Thursday (September 19) he stated: “He has stopped being part of a group that terrorised for over 30 years but when he says that he’s a peace builder and people should judge him on actions rather than words, that is a very, very significant statement.

“Now he’s got to live by that and be judged by that. If he is going to be judged by actions then let us see some of the actions that we need to see whether it’s Claudy, whether it’s Bloody Sunday, whether it’s all the other incidents he’s been asked about and either has a faulty memory or has pleaded the fifth amendement and won’t give information about his former colleagues.”

Mr McGuinness had been invited to Warrington by Colin Parry the father of Tim Parry who was killed in the Warrington bomb of 1993.




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