File to be submitted imminently to the PPS over dumping

  • by Kevin Mullan

A file will be submitted to the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) regarding a number of alleged criminal offences detected during Operation Sycamore, the NIEA Environmental Crime Unit’s (ECU) investigation into illegal landfilling in Londonderry, if it’s not with prosecutors already.

According to Chris Mills’ review of the operation, which was published on Wednesday (December 18) the file is likely already with the PPS. The report says the file was expected to be submitted during November or early December 2013. Several arrests and interviews under caution have been conducted during the course of the investigation and a number of sites owned by City Industrial Waste Ltd. - including one at Londonderry Port - have been inspected under warrant.

The first arrests took place in November 2012, whilst in July, August and October further interviews under caution took place.




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