Festive theft warning

Police in Foyle are reminding householders to ensure doors and windows are closed and locked as we head into the Christmas holidays.

A PSNI spokesperson says: “In the last week there have been several burglaries both in the city and in outlying rural areas. While burglary has reduced in the Foyle area this year we shouldn’t get complacent. Closing and locking all doors and windows, even when the house is occupied, will reduce the chances of an opportunistic burglar targeting your home.”

Meanwhile, two cars in the Bramhall Crescent area were entered during the early hours of December 8th. Nothing was reported missing by the owners. A female, believed to be Eastern European, broke into a house through a bathroom window in the Dellwood area of Eglinton between 7.15pm and 7.30pm on December 11th. She left after being disturbed by the homeowners. It is believed she was in the company of a male dressed in dark clothing.




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