Big Garden Birdwatch of 2014

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The RSPB is keen for nature lovers in Londonderry to take part in the annual Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend.

By giving up just one hour of your time to record the number and types of garden birds visiting your patch - or the lack of them, you will be helping create an accurate map of what birds are thriving and what ones are having a tough time.

Bird populations are a great indicator of the health of the countryside. That’s why it’s so important to take part in surveys like the Big Garden Birdwatch to keep an eye on the ups and downs of the wildlife where we live.

All you need to do is spend an hour over the weekend (January 25 and 26) counting the birds in your garden. It’s that simple!

If you log on at you can download a form to record your bird visitors, and you can register, watch and record and then submit your findings - it really is so simple

The more people involved, the more we can learn. So, grab a cuppa and together we can all help to give nature a home.

For a little inspiration watch the attached video of birds visiting the home of reporter Olga Bradshaw, who has daily visits from finches, tits, blackbirds, starlings and robins, and has even had jays stopping by to pinch some peanuts...

Why not share your videos and pictures - contact us at or visit us on Facebook... Alternatively contact Olga directlychch




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