20,000 ‘inactive economically’ in East Londonderry

A full 20,000 people of working age in East Londonderry are classed as ‘economically inactive’, the Sentinel can today reveal.

The figure, released by Finance Minister Simon Hamilton in response to a query from TUV Leader Jim Allister, represents a third of the working age population in East Londonderry. People classed as economically inactive are not employed, but are not classed as unemployed either. The reasons for ‘economic inactivity’ are varied, but can include long-term illness, studies, or an unpaid role caring for family. The 20,000 economically inactive people, aged between 16 and 64, in East Londonderry are not part of the labour supply but are considered important as they can form part of the workforce in the future.

Responding to Jim Allister’s query, Northern Ireland’s Finance Minister said: “Estimates of the numbers of economically inactive persons in each Northern Ireland (NI) Parliamentary Constituency Area (PCA) are sourced from the Labour Force Survey (LFS) Local Area Database, with the most recent data available for January – December 2012. These estimates are based on the residency of an individual. Please note that LFS estimates at PCA level are based on relatively small sample sizes and are subject to a higher degree of sampling variability.”




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