Local actors on crest of a wave with viral splash on Facebook

The meme which has gone viral.  (Photo: Robert Tull, Drumully Irish Arts.)
The meme which has gone viral. (Photo: Robert Tull, Drumully Irish Arts.)

A trio of comedy queens from Londonderry-based firm ‘In Your Space’ have gone viral.

A picture of them having a girly giggle dressed in their comedy street act ‘Synchro Land Swimmers’ outfits was made into a ‘meme’ by a New Zealand author, Sue Fitzmaurice, with the observation ‘If women suddenly all decided they really liked their bodies, imagine how many industries would go out of business’. In four days it has had 8,300 shares and 5,500 ‘likes’ on Facebook.

Commenting on the meme, Nicky Harley, Creative Director of In Your Space, said: “I really don’t know what happened. I was in work on Monday when I got a message through to say an image of our street act Synchro Land Swimmers had been turned into a meme and was being shared around the Internet. A New Zealand author had come across an image of us online, added some text to it and had uploaded it on Friday.

“Anyone who knows us knows that Facebook is never too far away, but we had been away performing at a festival in Wicklow at the weekend, so by the time I clicked in I nearly died when I saw it had already been shared by so many people,” she said, adding “We realise its a positive message being put out there and people have been very sweet in the message it’s putting across. It could have been worse... Much worse! Sure you have to laugh at these things. Ironically, I haven’t worn a swimsuit in public since I was about eight and the first moment I do it appears we at In Your Space are destined to make a ‘splash’.