Enrolment Service for GB in Donemana

The Colour Party : Jennifer Henderson, Ruth Allen and Gemma Watt.

The Colour Party : Jennifer Henderson, Ruth Allen and Gemma Watt.

There was a good attendance at the enrolment service of Donemana Girls’ Brigade held in Donemana Presbyterian Church on Sunday, November 18.

Rev. Dr. Stewart Jones conducted the service. The praise had been selected by the Girls’ Brigade and included ‘O be careful little eyes what you see’, ‘One more step along the world I go’, ‘Yield not to temptation for yielding is sin’ and ‘The Girls’ Brigade will teach us’ which complemented the readings and sermon.

During the service Chloe Smith read a passage of scripture from the book of Proverbs ch. 6 v 16 – 19 while Numanda Dunn read a passage from Titus ch. 2 v 11 -14.

During the service Rev. Dr. Stewart Jones presented Mrs Joan Simpson and Mrs Isobel Scott each with a bible to acknowledge their 25 and 33 years’ service, dedication and hard work respectively to Donemana Girls’ Brigade.

The congregational offering for the Girls’ Brigade’s funds was taken up by Hannah McLaughlin, Holly Buchanan, Amber Rodgers, Jessica Taggart, Lucy Pidcock & Sophie Dixon, accompanied by Mrs Lynette McClay on the organ.

After the prayer of thanks, Rev Dr Stewart Jones delivered his address based on Proverbs ch.6 v 16 – 19 on how we should live our lives pleasing to God.

Rev. Dr. Stewart Jones dedicated and enrolled Lieutenants Lorraine Fleming (in absentia), Sharon Smith, Jennifer Henderson, Lorraine Smyth, Dawn Robinson, Jean Rutherford and Francine McKeegan. After the enrolment of the Officers, the Explorers, Junior and the Company Section were enrolled.

After the benediction and National Anthem, the colour party, Jennifer Henderson, Ruth Allen and Gemma Watt led the girls back to the hall to be dismissed, drawing the act of enrolment to a close.




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