EYF feels ‘vindicated’

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Strathfoyle community worker Eamonn O’Donnell has welcomed the recommendation by NWRWMG to abandon its plans for an incinerator in the area.

He said: “Local campaigners here in Strathfoyle feel vindicated and we would like to thank each and every single person who took the time to sign the petition against these plans. The final numbers on the petition now stand at almost 10,500.”

He urged civil leaders to join with local communities to make Londonderry a pioneering recycling city.

“We welcome this move and encourage environment minister Mark Durkan and all political parties here in the North West to work with community groups, small businesses, farmers, universities and schools as well as organisations such as Zero Waste North West to come up with alternatives including community re-use and recycling projects. “We at Enagh Youth Forum are currently in the process of drawing up a feasibility study to look at setting up a re-use and recycle social economy here in Strathfoyle. The feasibility study has been funded by the Rural Development Programme and is nearing completion. For Zero Waste to work as a new and innovative approach to waste management here everyone has to want it to happen!” he said.