A6 to skirt illegal landfill and quarry will be reinstated

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The discovery of illegal landfilling at City Industrial Waste and Campsie Sand and Gravel won’t prejudice the proposed new A6, which skirts the sites’ eastern peripheries.

Roads Minister Danny Kennedy has also revealed that when the road is being constructed part of the Campsie Sand and Gravel quarry - between the Faughan and the Mobuoy Road - will be reinstated as a new flood plain to compensate for that lost to the road.

He stated: “The discovery of illegal landfill at Mobuoy Road will not prejudice the construction of the proposed A6 dual carriageway.

“At Mobuoy, the new road is aligned around the eastern periphery of the City Industrial Waste and Campsie Sand and Gravel sites, avoiding the illegal landfill.”

He said appropriate engineering measures will be utilised if illegal waste is still there when the A6 is being built.

“If the illegal landfill is still present when the road is being constructed, I am content that installation of appropriately engineered measures to contain the illegal waste will ensure that the compensatory floodplain can be constructed as planned,” said the Minister.