Paper details rationale for ICC closure

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A paper prepared last year on the future of Immaculate Conception College says ‘declining numbers’ and a ‘spiralling deficit’ were key concerns regarding its future sustainability.

The document, which has been newly obtained by the Sentinel, also reveals that Governors resisted demands from the Western Education and Library Board (WELB) to reduce the number of teachers despite the authority insisting the staff complement at the Waterside institution was unsustainable.

It also shows that in 2009 WELB conducted a survey and found that an investment of just £1.5m would have been required to make the school building ‘fit for purpose.’

The paper envisages other schools in Londonderry will be able to take any spillover from ICC without any difficulty if it closes for good in 2015.

It states: “It may be necessary to seek variations in the numbers for schools on the cityside.

“One coeducational school has considerable spare capacity. There is spare capacity in one of the single sex girls’ schools, which is likely to continue into the future.

“In conclusion, the closure of ICC will have limited impact on other schools in the Derry area.”

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