Cruel facebook site criticised

CRUEL facebook pages in Londonderry and Limavady branding young people, often of school-going age, as ‘gimps’ has been criticised by Northern Ireland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People.

The controversial facebook pages had been set up in the Londonderry and Limavady areas, using unflattering pictures taken from facebook user’s profiles and branding them with the cruel and hurtful tag of ‘gimps’.

After the sickening facebook pages were brought to her attention, Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People, Patricia Lewsley – Mooney said: “Keeping children and young people safe is one of NICCY’s key priorities and this includes keeping them safe while they are using technologies such as the internet.

“These technologies should not be about putting young people at risk. Bullying, in any form, is an ongoing concern for my office.

“Children and young people are entitled to use the internet, and the internet is about helping young people to learn and communicate with friends and family.

“Any online activity which seeks to offend or make fun of any child, damaging their self confidence and positive mental health cannot be condoned.”

The Limavady-based version of the page, despite being set up just this month, has already garnered over 2,000 ‘likes’.

At the time of going to press the heartless facebook page was still up-and-running and actively posting images of children and young people – often in school uniforms – with the highly insensitive branding of ‘gimp’.

In a hurtful insult to all wheelchair users, a blue disability badge with the word ‘gimpy’ is being used as the page’s profile picture.

The Londonderry-based page which had even more users than the Limavady page, appears to have been taken down.