Jail for kicking a PSNI constable

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A woman who kicked a police officer while he was driving her to custody was been jailed for three months when she appeared at Londonderry Magistrates Court.

Natalie Elizabeth Rose Campbell (23), of Drummard Close, pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour and assaulting police on February 15.

The Court was told police were tasked to the scene of a large number of people fighting and on arrival Campbell was holding a litre bottle of vodka in her hand and began shouting and swearing. Pointing a finger at an officer’s face she said “I will get you. I can take you out”.

Campbell was arrested and on the way to the police station she kicked the officer that was driving on the arm. The car had to be stopped and Campbell was restrained, but continued to be abusive and aggressive, so was transferred to another vehicle, but began to bang her head and feet off the doors. In the custody suite she spat at an officer and it was discovered she was in breach of a suspended sentence for similar offences.

Imposing sentence District Judge Peter King said: “I have to protect the community from this type of offending.”