PUP slams attacks on the Fountain

Nigel Gardiner.
Nigel Gardiner.

A Londonderry PUP candidate in the forthcoming local elections has condemned what he described as “ongoing sectarian attacks by Republicans on the Fountain estate in Londonderry.”

Nigel Gardiner said: “These attacks are nothing more than a sinister campaign of sectarian intimidation by Republicans against a vulnerable community.

“The attacks have been going on for years and sadly residents have become accustomed to living in fear and having their lives disrupted.”

On Monday (February 3) the PSNI came under attack after responding to a report that petrol bombs were being thrown from Nailors’ Row towards the Fountain.

Mr Gardiner said: “The plight of residents in Fountain goes largely unreported and this leaves me dismayed.

“This latest attack with bottles and petrol bombs follows a spate of attacks which have included an incursion into the area by a Republican gang where property and murals were vandalised.”