Crescent Link housing plans reduced to 73 units in total

Planning applications. File photo.
Planning applications. File photo.

The developers of a proposed new housing development at the Crescent Link want to reduce the size of the scheme from 79 homes to 73.

The seventy-three homes will consist of 66 semi-detached and seven detached dwellings. The revised plans have been lodged under the name of GSB Guernsey Trading Ltd., which was placed in administration in early 2013.

A team appointed by Ulster Bank and KPMG is continuing to take the development forward.

Earlier this year the Sentinel reported on the ambitious North West One development at Crescent Link, which is linked to the housing plan.

North West One will involve a £45m investment and yield five hundred and nine sustainable jobs if, as hoped, the project is completed in 2017.

The scheme will include a ten-screen cinema, a gymnasium, a drive-through and auxiliary health care facilities.

The complementary application for over 70 housing units is in line with the developers’ slogan of ‘live, work, play.’

The developers told the Sentinel earlier this year that an anchor tenant - new to Londonderry - was being lined up for the mixed-use scheme.

The same firm will also operate a petrol station on site.

The only petrol-selling supermarket not already established here is Asda, excluding Morrison’s, whose interest in Northern Ireland was acquired by the former company back in 2005.