Bid to attract major food retailers to Springtown

The firm behind Springtown Shopping Centre has applied for permission to allow the sale of ‘comparison goods’ in a recently constructed extension in order to make it more attractive to big food retailers.

Peninsula Securities Ltd. has applied to amend existing approvals to allow the sale of ancillary ‘comparison goods’ (up to 15 per cent of retail floorspace) in the new extension, which was built in 2007.

According to a technical note submitted to the planning office by consultants MKA, the purpose of the amendment is to “make the existing built extension attractive to multiple food retailers.”

MKA points out modern food stores provide at least 15 per cent of floorspace for the sale of ‘comparison goods,’ the term for long-lasting items such as clothing.

The note states: “The extension is estimated to be open in 2015 as certain legal matters in relation to the Centre are still to be resolved.”

According to MKA Planning: “The application will allow any major food retailer occupying this extension at Springtown Shopping Centre to sell ancillary comparison goods as part of its overall retail offer.”

MKA says the comparison retail turnover will be only a small portion of the growth in comparison spending within the catchment.