Anglers fish for answers from Durkan

A view of the River Faughan at Drumahoe. LS46-115KM
A view of the River Faughan at Drumahoe. LS46-115KM

The River Faughan Anglers will raise a litany of concerns about the environmental stewardship of the salmon river at a crunch meeting with Mark H. Durkan this morning.

The local fishermen’s association has consistently complained about illegal dumping, retrospectively approved quarrying, major roads projects and the proliferation of hydro turbines near vital spawning beds, along the Faughan.

All of these issues are likely to be discussed at this morning’s meeting if it goes ahead as scheduled.

Top of the agenda will be the Mills report into illegal landfilling at City Industrial Waste and Campsie Sand and Gravel.

Mills criticised lax enforcement by DoE planning but the anglers believe it wasn’t the ‘fearless and robust’ report promised last summer.

The DoE said: “Mr Mills was given full access to all files, all staff and fully empowered to conduct an independent review. This is evidenced by the fact that his Report is critical of DoE/NIEA and provides a series of recommendations to fix problems and drive improvements.” (Continued Page 6).